Email Archiving Service

Bottomless Email Archiving of both inbound and outbound email for up to 10 years

 $3.00/month per account!1

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AmeriHost Cloud Services Email Archiving from Sonian

Get all of the advantages of our our Business Class or Hosted Exchange Email Services with the the added protection of Email Archiving. This service gives you the power to securely manage archived email from any web browser with a private login — no licenses to keep track of or software to download. Archive all inbound and outbound email for all users in your domain for up to 10 years with unlimited storage space.

Message Backup

Delete with confidence. AmeriHost Cloud Archiving automatically saves all outbound messages and messages that reach the inbox in a secure email archive with unlimited space. Search and restore messages from your archive.

Email Retention

AmeriHost Cloud Archiving provides bottomless email retention storage for up to 10 years. Implement email archiving with no upfront costs or software downloads. Manage email policy with monitoring tools.

  • Security - Nine copies of each message are held across redundant cloud infrastructure in multiple data centers. Security measures include encryption via DoD standards-based AES-256 algorithms and authentication via HMAC-SHA1 with a unique identifier key for each set of customer data.

  • Easy Management - No extra hardware or software is required. Set up and manage the email retention software from an intuitive dashboard accessible through the Control Panel.

  • Policy Administration - AmeriHost Archiving anchors your corporate email policy with an email retention solution. Built-in monitoring and reporting features give you the tools to evaluate user policy adherence and usage stats.

Discover and Recover

AmeriHost Cloud Archiving provides you with simple search and export options for E-discovery and governmental compliance. 


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(1. - All or none. To use this service all email users in your domain must be subscribed.)